Studio 123

OMI meets most often in the CS music studio in AKW room 123.  The studio serves as a resource for 035, 134, 431, and 432 as well as the Open Music Initiative and independent research.

The studio has four state-of-the-art digital audio workstations that are comprised of new Dell XPS desktop computes, Novation MIDI controllers, and Focusrite audio interfaces. The workstations run a customized Linux operating system consisting of Ubuntu 18.04 with a low-latency kernel and additional packages including those from KXStudio.

There is also a physical computing prototyping station to support research into embedded electronic devices, analog synthesizers, and other subjects related to audio technology. The station is stocked with new Raspberry Pi and Arduino microcomputers and microcontrollers, a plethora of sensors (distance, sound, motion) a soldering station, and more.

In addition the studio has a variety of microphones for remote recording, field recording kits, mixers and a mobile quad multichannel system as well as a permanent stereo mixing station with Dynaudio nearfield speakers.

Access to the studio is granted through membership in OMI, enrollment in CPSC 035, 134, 431, or 432, and by request.  To request access, please email and supply the following information:

1) Your name

2) Your year and Major (if declared)

3) Any music technology classes you have taken at Yale

4) For what purposes you intend to use the studio

5) How long you require access to the studio

Regarding 5 above, access is typically granted on a semester-to-semester basis.