An important aspect of OMI is outreach and community involvement in our research. As an example, in September 2017, OMI ran a workshop in the CCAM that delved into the internal design of the OMIPOD, OMI’s custom-made wireless musical instrument. The OMIPOD uses embedded hardware to relay information from different sensors (light, touch, tilt) over wi-fi to any computer on the Yale network. In the interactive workshop participants experimented with the OMIPOD and learned about the hardware configuration, sensors and software necessary to program this custom device.

Undergraduate involvement in research is also a priority for OMI. A recent OMI project focused on the topic of Digital Signal Processing Programing by Example (DSP-PBE). DSP-PBE is a paradigm in which users specify input and output wave files, and a tool automatically synthesizes a program that transforms the input to the output. This work was completed as part of a funded summer undergraduate research internship of one student, as well as another student’s undergraduate thesis. OMI is continuing this work with more undergraduates.
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